General office of the state council about accelerate the electric car
Charging infrastructure construction guidance
Countries do hair [2015] no. 73
The provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries under the state council, directly affiliated institutions:
Charging infrastructure refers to provide electric vehicle power supply all kinds of filling in electric facilities, is a new type of urban infrastructure. Promote the building of the charging infrastructure, which is beneficial to solve the electric car charging problem, it is very important to the development of new energy automotive industry, to build the public entrepreneurship, innovation and increase the public product and public service & other The twin-engine & throughout; , to achieve steady growth, structural adjustment, livelihood is of great significance. In recent years, all regions and departments earnestly implement the decisions of the state council, actively promote the electric car charging infrastructure construction, each work positive progress, but there are still not unified, imperfect supporting policies, coordinate the difficulty big, standards and regulations is not sound and so on. In order to speed up the electric car charging infrastructure, agreed to by the state council, now put forward the following opinions:
First, general requirements
(a) the guiding ideology. Comprehensively implement the party's 18 large and 18 fourth plenary session of 2, 3, spirit, in accordance with the decision of the state council deployment, adhere to the pure electric drive for the development of new energy vehicles main strategic orientation, the charging infrastructure construction in a more important position, to strengthen the overall planning and unified standards, perfect the supporting policies, innovation and development mode, cultivate good market services and application environment, form a rational layout, scientific and efficient system of charging infrastructure, increased investment in public goods effectively, improve the level of public service, promote the development of the electric car industry and electricity consumption, convenient masses life, better benefit the livelihood of the people.
(2) the basic principles.
Overall planning, scientific layout. Strengthen the top-level design charging infrastructure development, according to the & other Adjust measures to local conditions, how each other aid, economic and reasonable & throughout; Requirements, according to actual development around the charging infrastructure construction overall plan, strengthen public resources integration, science to determine the construction scale and spatial layout, charging synchronous construction intelligence service platform, form a relatively perfect system of charging infrastructure.
Moderate advance, orderly construction. Focus on future development of electric vehicle and charging combining different areas, different levels of demand, according to the & other Pile stand first & throughout; Request, according to determining the size of the planning and layout, classification in order to promote the construction, to ensure that the appropriate leading construction scale.
Unified standard, common open. Accelerate the purging and revising electric key technical standards, perfect the relevant engineering construction, operational services, maintenance and management standards. In strict accordance with the engineering construction standard charging infrastructure of construction and reform, and improve the electric vehicles and charging equipment product authentication and access control system, promote different charging service platform, interconnection, improve facilities, versatility and openness.
Relying on the market, innovation mechanism. Give full play to the market leading role, through the promotion of the government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model, increase financial support, establish a reasonable price mechanism, guide the social capital to participate in the charging infrastructure system operation. Encourage enterprise combining & other; Internet + & throughout; Business cooperation, innovation and service mode, create more economic and social benefits, achieve sustainable development.
(3) the work target. By 2020, the basic of built in advance, smart car pile and the efficient system of charging infrastructure, meet the demand of more than 5 million electric car charging; To establish a perfect standards and market supervision system, form a unified open, competitive and orderly charge service market; Form a sustainable development & other Internet + charging infrastructure & throughout; Industry ecology system, a breakthrough in technology and business innovation, foster a batch of internationally competitive charging service enterprises.
Second, strengthen the construction of
(4) strengthen the special planning and guidance. Around the charging infrastructure to special planning related content into urban and rural planning, perfect independent charging infrastructure layout, clear all kinds of buildings PeiJian parking lot and the social public parking charging infrastructure construction scale or reserved construction installation requirements. To user places to live in a parking space, the unit operations such as the parking lot, bus and taxi PeiJian special charging facilities as the main body, in public buildings, parking lot, public parking lot, temporary parking PeiJian public charging infrastructure as the auxiliary, such as an independent city covers an area of quick charge station, in power stations and the expressway service area PeiJian inter-city fast filling station for complement, form a system of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In principle, the newly built residential PeiJian reserved parking Spaces should be 100% charging infrastructure construction or construction installation conditions, large public buildings PeiJian parking charging infrastructure, social public parking lots construction or reserved construction installation conditions not less than 10% of parking lots, and every 2000 electric cars at least supporting the building of a public charging stations. Encourage construction covers an area of less, low cost, quick effect of mechanical and vertical parking charging facilities.
(5) the construction of user charging infrastructure. Encourage charging service charging infrastructure construction, property services enterprises to participate in the neighborhood operations management, unified in a parking space, directly go through the formalities of reporting by electricity, in accord with relevant laws and regulations under the premise of appropriate fees to users. For users with fixed parking Spaces, priority in parking PeiJian charging infrastructure; Users of no fixed parking space, encouraged by charging PeiJian public parking space in the residential area, establishing charging parking time sharing mechanism, charging to create conditions for the user.
(6) the construction unit internal charging infrastructure. Conditions of government agencies, public institutions and enterprises and institutions, to combine unit of the electric car is equipped with updated plan and worker to buy electric cars use requirements, use of internal resources, parking lot planning and construction of electric car parking and charging infrastructure. Around the relevant units can be PeiJian charging infrastructure conditions incorporated into the scope of assessment of energy conservation and emissions reduction incentives.
(7) charging infrastructure construction of the public service field. For public transport, sanitation, airport commuter alignment operation of public services such as electric cars, should according to the line operation demand, priority in the parking lot standing PeiJian charging infrastructure, reasonable construction along the independent covers an area of quick charge station and in power station. For rental, logistics, leasing, the public security patrol the alignment operation of public services such as electric cars, should fully tap unit interior parking station PeiJian charging infrastructure potential, combined with urban public charging infrastructure, implement efficient complement each other.
Construction of urban public charging infrastructure (eight). Public charging infrastructure construction should begin from the city center to the edge, from the priority to the development of urban area to the general area gradually. Priority in venues such as shopping malls, supermarkets, style building PeiJian parking lot and the transport hub, parking interchanging (P + R) public charging infrastructure such as public parking lots construction. Encourage qualified gas station PeiJian public fast filling facilities, appropriate new independent covers an area of public fast filling station. Encourage conditional units and individuals that are charging facilities open to the public.
Construction of the inter-city fast charging network (9). Make full use of the expressway service area parking space construction of the inter-city fast filling station. Priority to promote beijing-tianjin-hebei lu, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta regional inter-city fast charging network construction, timely to promote urban agglomeration in the middle reach of Yangtze river, zhongyuan urban agglomeration, chengdu-chongqing urban agglomeration, ha long inter-city fast network construction, urban agglomerations in 2020 initially formed to cover major cities in the most of the inter-city fast charging network, meet the demand of the electric car inter-city, provincial travel.
Three, improve the service system
Perfecting the charging infrastructure standards (10). To speed up the amendment, the charging interface and communication protocol standards, actively promote the charging interface interoperability testing, charging data exchange between service platform and so on standard system revision work, realize the unified charging standards. To carry out the charging infrastructure set place fire safety technical measures, such as research, related standards and revising in time. Complete filling in product standards, such as electric equipment, electric car batteries, clear fire safety requirements. Develop new type of charging technology such as wireless charging standards. Perfecting the charging infrastructure operation service management norms such as metering, billing, clearing, we will accelerate the establishment of a charging infrastructure system of road traffic signs.
(11) charging construction intelligence service platform. Vigorously promote & other; Internet + charging infrastructure & throughout; , improve the level of intelligent charging service, improve operational efficiency and user experience, to promote the electric car with the bidirectional interaction of energy and information between the smart grid. Encourage needs of users, using the mobile Internet, Internet of things, big data, such as technology, to provide users with navigation, charging charging status query, booking and payment services, value-added business development platform.
(12) to establish connectivity mechanism. Promote alliance form national electric vehicle charging infrastructure, cooperate with related government departments charging infrastructure products access to strict management, to carry out the charging infrastructure interoperability testing and certification. Build charging infrastructure information service platform, unified information exchange protocol, effective integration of different companies and different cities charge information resources service platform, promote different charging service platform connectivity, to provide support for implementation of tax and regulatory policies.
(13) do a good job in supporting the grid access. Around the charging infrastructure to form a complete set of power grid construction and renovation projects included in the special planning, distribution network in such aspects as land security, corridor traffic to support it. Power grid enterprise must strengthen the charging infrastructure form a complete set of power grid construction and retrofit, ensure that power supply meet the demand of purging electricity facilities operation; To provide convenient conditions for charging infrastructure grid, open up the green channel, completed. Charging power grid enterprise is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of the infrastructure cut-off property to form a complete set of network engineering, power grid can not answer the net charge, the corresponding asset, a fully into the effective cost faithfully recorded into the cost of permit, and according to the power grid distribution electricity price recovery.
(14) recharge service business model innovation. Encourage large exploration in filling plant combined with commercial real estate development mode, guide the department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, cinemas and other places of business to provide users with auxiliary charging service. Encourage charging service enterprises and automobile enterprise cooperation, the raise way, innovating the mode of construction of the charging infrastructure business cooperation, and take online way, such as the combination of intelligent charging and discharging, electronic commerce, advertising and other value-added services, improve charging service enterprise sustainable development ability.
Fourth, strengthen the support
(15) simplify the planning and construction for examination and approval. Around according to reduce the decentralization, combined the pipes, optimization services, reduce charging infrastructure planning approval process, to speed up to handle. Individuals in their own parking garage, parking, the residential area, unit installed in both the parking charging infrastructure, no construction land planning permit, construction project planning permit and construction license. Construction of urban public parking lots, without charging for synchronous construction of pile group of charging infrastructure, such as a separate deal with construction project planning permit and construction license. New independent covers an area of the centralized filling in power plant should be consistent with urban planning, and to handle the construction land planning permit, construction project planning permit and construction license.
(16) to perfect the financial pricing policy. Increase the intensity of subsidies on charging infrastructure, accelerate development & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; During charging infrastructure financial incentives, urged all relevant support policy as soon as possible and publish to the society, to the stability of the market policy expectations. At the beginning of the industrial development through the central infrastructure investment funds to give appropriate support. Reporting directly to the network operation enterprises operating centralized in a electric charge in electrical power facilities, carry out the industrial electricity price, 2020 years ago a suspension for basic electricity; Other charging facilities according to their own place to perform classification catalogue of electricity. Allowed to charge a service charge of electricity and service enterprise to the user, for different categories of charging infrastructure, provide guidance to two or morethings operating subject reasonable investment profit with the user, such as using economy charging fees classification guidance prices as early as possible, and experience on the basis of summarizing, gradually standardize the charging service price mechanism.
(17) broaden the diversified financing channels. To effectively integrate bus, taxi around the terminal and the social public parking lot and other kinds of public resources, through the PPP, recharge of social capital to participate in infrastructure construction operations. Encourage financial institutions to the business under the principles of sustainable, innovative financial products and insurance breed, the integrated use of risk compensation policy, perfect the financial service system. Promote equity, project profit, franchise, such as pledge financing way, speed up the building include financial investment and social capital into the multi-level guarantee system, and actively promote to set up the financing guarantee fund, broadening the charging infrastructure investment financing channel operators and equipment manufacturers. Encourage the use of social capital to set up the charging infrastructure development special fund, corporate bond issuance of charging infrastructure, explore the use of the basic old-age insurance fund investment support charging infrastructure.
Strengthen land support (18). Independent covers an area of centralized charge for power station to land into the scope of land for public facilities outlets, according to the gas supply air entrainment model, according to the supply of state-owned construction land, land supply priority arrangement. Supply of land for new project need PeiJian charging infrastructure, PeiJian requirements can be incorporated into the conditions of land supply, allowing the land use right obtained in collaboration with other market main body, operating charging infrastructure investment construction according to the requirements. Encourage PeiJian has all kinds of buildings in the parking lot, bus terminal, public parking lot, highway service area and other places PeiJian charging infrastructure, local government should coordinate the relevant units support in terms of land use.
(19) intensify the owners' committee coordination. To formulate unified national private user home charging infrastructure management demonstration text. The competent administrative department for real estate, the streets around the office and residents' committees to model, according to the initiative to strengthen the guidance and supervision of the owners' committee, guide the owner support charging infrastructure construction. The owners' congress and the owners' committee shall be based on demonstration text, combinative oneself is actual, clear property service charging infrastructure construction management process.
Key technology research and development (20) support. Based on demonstration projects, and actively explore the charging infrastructure and smart grid and distributed renewable energy, the development of intelligent transportation integration technology, strengthen the inspection certification, safety protection, and two-way interactive grid, cell arrangement in utilization, unattended self-service, pile group of coordinated control of the key technology research and development. Give full play to the enterprise innovation main body function, accelerate the high power density, high conversion efficiency, high applicability, wireless charging, mobile charger and other new type filling in electrical technology and equipment research and development.
(21) clear safety management requirements. Around the charging infrastructure and safety management system should be established and to perfect the related system and standard, increase user private pull wire, illegal electricity, not to standardize the behavior of building construction investigation dynamics. In accordance with the law in accordance with the rules of charging infrastructure set place fire design, fire control acceptance check and filing spot check, and strengthen fire supervision and inspection. Industry competent department to supervise and urge the charging infrastructure operations using the units or individuals, strengthen the charging infrastructure and its setting place of daily fire safety inspection and management, eliminate safety hidden danger in time.
Five, ready to organize their implementation
(22) to carry out the principal responsibility. All we need to take responsibility for promoting the development of the charging infrastructure subject as a whole, the charging infrastructure management as a government project work. Establish led by national development and reform department of (energy), the relevant departments closely coordinated propulsion mechanism, clear division of duties, perfect supporting policies. Released before the end of March 2016 charging infrastructure special planning, a charging infrastructure operation management measures, and pay special attention to organize their implementation.
(23) intensify demonstration promotion. Around to meet the needs of new energy automobile application, aiming at the key and difficult point for charging infrastructure development, carry out charging infrastructure construction and operation mode of pilot demonstration. Establish & other; Demonstration area and unit & throughout; , & other Demonstration cities and counties throughout the &; , & other The inter-city fast throughout filling & demonstration area; Demonstrative project of tertiary system. In the demonstration project to give full play to the role of the existing public facilities, strengthening the cooperation of the enterprise, innovation city charging infrastructure construction and operation mode, perfect the relevant standard specification and supporting policies, explore various advanced applicable charging technology, summarizes the form can be copied, can promote the charging infrastructure development experience, promote the charging infrastructure to speed up the popularization.
(24) and create a good environment for public opinion. Departments concerned, enterprises and the news media through a variety of forms to strengthen charging infrastructure development policy, planning the layout and construction such as the dynamic publicity, let the society from all walks of life to a comprehensive understanding of the charging infrastructure, attract more social capital to participate in the charging infrastructure construction, strengthen the supervision of public opinion at the same time, exposure hinder the charging infrastructure, damage the interest of consumer behavior, such as the formation of public opinion atmosphere conducive to the development of charging infrastructure.
(25) mix together. National development and reform commission, bureau of energy to jointly with the ministry of industry and information technology, housing in urban and rural areas, the ministry of construction, ministry of land and resources departments rely on energy saving and new energy automobile industry development inter-ministerial joint conference system, strengthen the department works in harmony, strengthen the guidance and supervision of all over the world, and summarizes successful experience to promote timely and effective practice, major situation in time report to the state council. Energy bureau from the strict standard execution, straighten out the price mechanism, strengthen the supervision of power supply, promote the connectivity, the respect such as the introduction of social capital to improve charging services; Housing urban and rural construction ministry, the ministry of land and resources, the ministry of public security to respectively from the planning and construction standard, facilities, fire safety and traffic signs operation and create favorable conditions for the charging infrastructure construction; The ministry of finance, the China banking regulatory commission, insurance regulatory commission to increase financial support, strengthen the financial service and guarantee, enhance social capital. GuoGuanJu, sasac to guide government organs, public institutions and state-owned enterprises took the lead in the internal construction of the parking lot to charging infrastructure. Other relevant departments according to their respective duties, do well together.
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