The state council about suzhou industrial park
Open innovation comprehensive test overall plan approval
The letter [2015] no. 151
Jiangsu province people's government, the ministry of commerce:
Your comprehensive test of suzhou industrial park to carry out the open innovation overall scheme for instructions received. Now reply as follows:
One, agreed to open innovation comprehensive tests in suzhou industrial park. Principles agreed to the suzhou industrial park to carry out the open innovation comprehensive test overall plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" scheme "), please seriously organize the implementation.
2, in line with the decision of the CPC central committee and the state council to the deployment, closely around accelerate the innovation development strategy, active docking free trade area and actively replicate successful experience, explore the establishment of a new open economy system, promote industrial structure toward the high-end level, improve the position in global value chain, better cultivate new advantages of participation in international economic and technological cooperation and competition, speed up the construction of open system of leading, innovation-driven, advanced, economic prosperity, beautiful environment, people's happiness international advanced modern new high-tech industry, become the pioneer of the new system construction of an open economy, for the transformation and upgrading of state-level economic and technological development zone to provide experience for innovation and development.
Third, to play the Chinese & ndash; Singapore suzhou industrial park, mechanism of coordinating council and China council of the advantages and resolve the "solution" of the major problems in the process of carrying out and policy demands. The relevant departments of the state council shall, according to the division of responsibilities, to carry out the related tasks, strengthening coordination and guidance, the system innovation and policy support.
Four, the jiangsu province people's government should strengthen the leadership of the implementation of "the plan", formulate corresponding measures, to carry out the responsibilities, support suzhou industrial park in systematic, holistic, collaborative reform, to ensure that open innovation comprehensive experiment achieved positive results.
The fifth, the ministry of commerce should strengthen the "solution", follow and supervise the implementation of the timely organization in the plan implementation assessment, major issues in a timely manner to report to the state council for instructions.
Attachment: suzhou industrial park to carry out the open innovation comprehensive test plan as a whole
The state council
On September 30, 2015
(the public)
The attachment
Suzhou industrial park
Open innovation comprehensive test plan as a whole
For the overall effective promote open innovation comprehensive experiment in the suzhou industrial park, making this plan.
First, general requirements
(a) the guiding ideology. Fully implement the party's 18 large and 18 fourth plenary session of 2, 3, spirit, in-depth implementation of the CPC central committee and the state council decision deployment, giving full play to the advantages of international cooperation between China and Singapore, active docking free trade area and actively replicate successful experience, explore the establishment of a new open economy system, build a new development model of innovation drive, drive towards the high-end level of industrial structure, improve the position in global value chain, better participate in international economic and technological cooperation and competition, speed up the construction of open system of leading, innovation-driven, advanced, economic prosperity, beautiful environment, people's happiness international advanced modern new high-tech industry.
(2) development goals.
1. Build development zone upgrade in China. Suzhou industrial park is China's economic and technological development zone, high-tech industrial park, should stand in a new round of reform and opening up national front, actively explore opening and innovation, innovation and industry integration, industry and urban integration development path, better lead the transformation and upgrading of the national development zone and the innovation and development.
2. Build a world-class high-tech industrial park. Suzhou industrial park, is a leading national independent innovation demonstration zone in the south of jiangsu, should stick to & other; The first productive force of science and technology, talents throughout the first resource &; Concept, build for the future mode of innovation and development, improve the internationalization, the open innovation system, accelerate the agglomeration of high-end innovation elements and service elements and talent, to better participate in international competition, innovation better lead the national independent innovation demonstration area construction in the south of jiangsu.
3. Enhance the opening international cooperation. Suzhou industrial park, is a model of international cooperation, should according to & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; , the Yangtze river economic belt and so on national strategic requirements, relying on the advantage of china-singapore cooperation, expand the intercity cooperation, provincial cooperation and international cooperation in a variety of ways, such as radiation promote park experience actively, better practice of the major national development strategy.
Second, the main task
(3) the construction of a higher level of opening up and cooperation demonstration platform. Construction of development zone is produced city under the background of integration of the open economy, a new system with an open active won the development of the active and initiative in the international competition.
1. Promote the innovation in financial field opening. Set up the new financial innovation cooperation platform, draw lessons from the advanced experience of Singapore's financial sector development, establish innovative cooperative financial institutions market admittance system, continue to promote the innovation in new cross-border RMB business, on the basis of the pilot, actively promote the reform of financial system to explore two-way deepen bilateral in financial institutions establishment, business innovation, personnel training, project cooperation, information sharing, etc.
2. The innovative way of using foreign capital and management system. More positive and effective use of foreign capital, the breakthrough to greenfield investment as the main way of single use of foreign capital, to explore the integration of industrial chain in equity, such as mergers and acquisitions way, enhance the level of industrial development. Breakthrough rely on low cost single investment mode, and guide foreign investment from cost orientation to market orientation, innovation and high-tech, efforts to the ends of the industry chain extension. Encourage local enterprises and multinational companies to build strategic alliance, multinational technology transfer platform, promote enterprise's r&d ability. Strengthen the collaboration of domestic and foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises and multinational companies in value chain synergies, enlarge the technology spillover effect, better integration into the global value chain division of labor and production system. According to the rules of international investment and trade, before fully implementing access, national treatment and negative list management system, explore the build system of labor rights protection, ecological environment protection standard strictly, improve the foreign investment supervision system, create a stable and predictable, fair and transparent in line with international standards of doing business.
3. Build open cooperation mechanisms. In the framework of china-singapore bilateral friendly cooperation, actively expand areas of cooperation, deepen cooperation connotation, expand cooperation, focus on promoting the two sides in the financial, science and technology, software, modern service industry, city of wisdom, and the interaction of social governance, to promote the cooperation of projects in the zone between the two countries to a higher level. Accurate grasp and use of national strategic opportunity, steadily go out development strategy, actively explore developing frontier economic cooperation zones, cross-border economic cooperation zones and industrial transfer park and so on cooperation. Implement & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Strategy, relying on the advantage of china-singapore cooperation, and explore establishing investment and trade platform for Singapore, radiation, the association of southeast Asian nations (asean), enhance the level of the opening; Huoerguos economic development opportunities seize aid construction, speed up the construction of radiation to kazakhstan, central Asia investment and trade platform, expand to the west open channel. Actively promote Sue chuhe modern industrial park and suzhou-suqian industrial park project cooperation, innovation and mutual benefit cooperation mechanism, the industrial park construction has become an important platform to carry out the strategy of the Yangtze river economic belt and demonstration window.
(4) optimization of construction industry demonstration platform. To explore economic development under the new normal high-end development mechanism of industry of hetz effectively, speed up the transfer and restructuring.
1. To explore the mechanism of transformation and upgrading of the foreign capital enterprise to promote. Active docking & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; , further improve the manufacturing industry chain, to seize the global industrial layout adjustment opportunity, actively introduce high-end industries, encourage and guide enterprises to increase research and development, sales, and headquarters functions, promote manufacturing to smile curve at both ends. Encourage advantage of multinational enterprises in active implementation of merger and reorganization, moving group overseas high-end capacity to park. Actively encourage existing enterprises to speed up the transformation and upgrading, product upgrading, enhance the level of technology and innovative business model, development of new formats. Encourage enterprises to extend from manufacturing to service, make the processing and manufacturing to investment, brand and productive services to upgrade. To strengthen the front end design companies in the industry of nurture and support, to play its leading and leading role of industry.
2. Build the mechanism of transformation and upgrading of processing trade. Encourage processing trade enterprises to introduce advanced technology and equipment, improve the technology content and added value products. Explore development mechanism, foreign investment enterprises and domestic enterprises merge encourages independent research and development ability and independent intellectual property rights of domestic processing trade enterprises to enter the industrial chain of multinational corporations, improve industrial supporting ability and level of development. Promote the domestic processing trade facilitation measures, on the ground, guide the processing trade enterprises sale in domestic market, actively expand domestic distribution business, strengthen the local matching. Promote the development of processing trade enterprises to realize green low carbon, encourage enterprises to implement energy conservation planning, the use of energy-saving technology, reduce dependence on resources.
3. Promote the depth of industrialization and information fusion. In order to promote the enterprise informatization, social informatization, the government information into focus, with two integration management system standard for the gripper, and promote the depth of industrialization and information fusion. To further increase investment in information infrastructure construction, optimize the environment of informatization, the informatization level of ascension. Master & other; Internet + & throughout; Development trend, actively promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, such as the Internet of things combined with modern manufacturing industries, promoting the construction of electronic commerce and the modern circulation system, expand the industrial intelligent applications, improve the level of digitization, network, intelligence. Actively carry out enterprise two integration management system standard implementation and promotion. Encourage enterprises to use information technology to improve the management, sales network, optimize the production and business operation process, improve the operation and management level. Encourage enterprises to use information technology to the development of new industries and new products, to promote technology integration, product integration, business integration, and industry.
4. To explore the strategic emerging industries focus on development mechanism. Incline policies, resources and so on, to encourage small and medium-sized enterprise innovation and development, encourage scientific research institutes, returned students studying abroad business innovation, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. To speed up the implementation of the leading industry development planning, cultivate biological medicine, nanotechnology applications, cloud computing three emerging industries, explore patent navigation emerging industry development mode, will become a regional leading industry emerging industries. In-depth implementation of the independent brand enterprise development scheme to promote intellectual property indexes should be brought into the government procurement policy, set up the mechanism of government funds to buy professional service of science and technology, constantly enhance the vitality of the independent brand enterprise development.
(5) the construction of international innovation drive demonstration platform. Explore development zone export-oriented economy and combining independent innovation mechanism, to realize the coordinated development of high level opening and high-level innovative.
1. To build an open innovation system. On the basis of china-singapore cooperation, the construction of international science and technology innovation center, expand the cooperation with the innovation of the advanced developed countries and regions, gathering talents at home and abroad, such as capital, technology and information resources, cultivation of nanotechnology applications such as a number of global influence characteristic industry technology innovation center and industrial cluster. Improve the national and local coordination mechanism, explore combined constructing national nanotechnology innovation development platform. Strengthen government production, information and media cooperation, build cover a complete innovation chain, in order to market demand as the guidance of the cross-regional industrial innovation alliance, the construction of nanometer vacuum interconnection experiment stations, to form the adsorption effect of innovation, aggregation effect, scale effect and brand effect. Actively carry out cooperation with the international well-known universities and research institutes of scientific research and academic exchanges, to build research institute, laboratory. Take the initiative to undertake construction of Shanghai global influence spillover effect of science and technology innovation center, building science and technology and the economic docking, innovation and industrial docking, innovation project docking with the realistic productivity, research and development personnel labor docking mechanism with interest income, improve the industrialization of achievement of innovation mechanism, to build leading national independent innovation demonstration area of the south of jiangsu province area.
2. Perfect international innovation ecological environment. In accordance with the international prevailing rules, strengthen the key technology of intellectual property protection, and improve the administration system of the technical secret, build system of science and technology personnel non-compete, encourage enterprises to carry out the international patent layout, active participation in international standards, improve the international competitive innovation. Improve transparency of project application of science and technology, science and technology funds allocation, assessment mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, establishing evaluation system of the intellectual property oriented innovation drive. Actively developing & other; The gen space & throughout; , promote the entrepreneurship and innovation, accelerate the development of entrepreneurship services marketization, specialization, guide the third-party professional organizations to participate in the innovation service, and support the innovation and development. Accelerate the development of science and technology service industry, service chain extending science and technology innovation, to promote science and technology service industry specialization, scale, internationalization, network development. Build institutes of colleges and universities of science and technology achievements transformation mechanism, ensure the institutes of science and technology personnel shall enjoy the legal rights and interests of the post invention. Financial model and product innovation science and technology, science and technology of active financial markets, increase financial investment in science and technology, to realize the positive interactive between the two elements of science and technology and finance, and perfecting the diversified and multi-level and multi-channel investment and financing system of science and technology, establish intellectual property pledge financing market risk compensation mechanism, promote the patent insurance system, the integrated use of development funds, venture capital, science and technology innovation risk compensation after the fiscal funds, discount loans and subsidies, and other forms to support enterprise technology innovation.
3. We will improve the mechanism of talent agglomeration. Actively implement talent policy in line with international standards, build respect innovation, protection, encouraging innovation talents to stand out the policy system of environment. Establish a market, knowledge, performance, quality as the core of talent evaluation system, explore the market-oriented incentive mechanism of talent evaluation, to explore the use of scientific and technological achievements disposal and revenue management reform, improve the system of service invention, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, make innovative talents more earnings to share achievements. Pay attention to talent development environment construction, internationalization of cluster innovation talents, creating national talent management reform experimental zone in the south of jiangsu. Draw lessons from the successful experience of international higher education town construction, according to the modernization, internationalization standard propulsion dushu lake higher education district construction, explore the introduction of quality of higher education resources, innovation mechanisms of chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, to build higher education internationalization demonstration area.
(6) demonstration platform construction of administrative system reform. To construct economic transformation and upgrading of the development zone administrative management system, improve government management ability.
1. We will deepen reform of the institutions. Optimize the structure of government organizations, in accordance with & other; Small government, big society, small organization, big service & throughout; And & other Streamlining, unity, efficiency & throughout; Principle, established a big planning and construction, economic development, cultural management, administrative law enforcement, big market regulation and other departments work pattern, to further improve the administrative efficiency. To promote open and transparent operation of government power, making the power of the government list and responsibility list, further standardize and clear power operation process, strengthening the restraint on and supervision over the use of power. Optimization of the administrative system, explore to establish development zone, flexible and efficient characteristics and function of administrative region improve the advantage of combining the administrative system. Gradually deepening the reform of enterprises, innovation management system and operational mechanism, promote the administrative organ to put more power into policy making, administrative regulation, such as level, change government functions. Improve the government purchasing service mechanism, strengthen the government purchase services in the areas of public service, for the government to buy the service standards and norms, establish and improve the project oriented mechanism of the government power to buy services to the public, speed up the formation of regional characteristics of public service delivery mechanisms.
2. We will accelerate reform of the administrative examination and approval system. Comprehensive clean up and simplify examination and approval items, simplify examination and approval links and pre-conditions, shorten time limit for, reduce unnecessary qualification accreditation and inspection, the management of government approval before transferring to the regulatory approaches. Optimize administrative examination and approval process of science, and constantly improve the operating system, Windows to explore the implementation by the one-stop service to other One window acceptance, one-stop examination and approval & throughout; Comprehensive approval service operation mode transformation, fully implementing parallel for examination and approval. To strengthen the construction of informationization of administrative examination and approval, the construction of administrative power operation system on the net, to promote the interagency approval process open and transparent, exploring experiment to the electronic registration and electronic business license management, fully implementing online examination and approval and publicly, constantly promote standardization, standardization, informationization construction of administrative examination and approval.
(3) strengthen the government supervision effectively. Consummate administrative performance evaluation system and supervision system, establish a economic, political, cultural, social and ecological indexes of administrative performance comprehensive evaluation system, perfecting social supervision mechanism, to institutionalization, standardization, procedural promoting the construction of the administrative supervision system. We will deepen reform of the administrative law enforcement system, standardize administrative law enforcement main body, establish a centralized and unified market comprehensive law enforcement supervision system, in terms of quality and technical supervision, food and drug regulation, intellectual property, industry and commerce, taxation, and other fields to strengthen inter-departmental, cross-industry comprehensive law enforcement, efficient supervision, construction of government responsibility, self-discipline, social supervision and comprehensive supervision system, public participation. Efforts to build a sound social credit system, government credit information, credit classification management, establish enterprises credit management system, guide the social credit institutions to provide multi-level, diversified credit reporting services, build the combination of government and market incentives and trustworthy, disciplinary breach mechanism, build honesty, self-discipline, and trustworthy, mutual trust, social credit environment.
(7) the construction of urban comprehensive demonstration platform. Sound development zone the effective system of urbanization transformation mechanism, enhance urban comprehensive management level.
1. The modern city development mode innovation. Insisted production integration, regional integration development train of thought, according to the modernization, internationalization, informationization, under the rule of law, social requirements, push forward economic, political, cultural, social and ecological construction. In-depth from Singapore advanced urban planning management system and management laws and regulations, establish and improve economic and social development planning, urban development planning, land use planning, ecological environmental planning & other; Four fusion rules & throughout; The new system of modern urban planning management. Insist on compact intensive development direction, unified planning, market allocation, revenue sharing for the principle, improve the market access standard and land holding cost, promote the development of land property right system and land property rights flow, promote the reform of land use system. Develop various land utilization way, make full use of underground space on the ground, to explore the system of commercial use of underground space. Strengthen scientific regulation of land demand, advancing the construction land & other; Secondary development & throughout; Differential incremental land transfer system, the implementation of the reform, revitalize the stock of land resources, to explore the mechanism of land use innovation and new ways for the intensive utilization of land, enhance the level of unit land input and output.
2. Innovative wisdom city development model. Make perfect wisdom city construction plan, expand the connotation, extension and application prospects of wisdom city, form is more efficient and livable, populist park features. Innovation city development momentum, with urban construction to promote informatization and wisdom park take a new road of urbanization. Key network connectivity and resources sharing, the integrated use of the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, etc. New technology integration of information resources, business application system as a whole, promote the integration of information technology application, to guide resource flow and accumulation, enhance information security management and capacity building, promote the new industrialization, urbanization and modernization, promote the communication between people, harmony and cooperation, stimulate the creative spirit of society, to explore the government-led, enterprises as the main body, the wisdom of the broad public participation in urban construction mode.
3. Innovating the mechanism of promoting ecological civilization. To strengthen the construction of ecological industrial demonstration park, strict resource conservation and environmental barriers to entry, explore the implementation of enterprise out exit mechanism, set up perfect drainage amount and environmental capacity calculation system, and promote environmental management standardization construction, improve the comprehensive prevention and control of pollution and environmental comprehensive management mechanism, to form the government, enterprises, social development mode of environmental governance, out of the economic development and ecological civilization complement each other, bring out the best in each other's way.
4. Social governance mechanism innovation. Adhere to lead the social management innovation under the rule of law, draw lessons from the beneficial experience of Singapore in social governance, the rule of law construction, further promote the construction of the rule of law in the innovative practice, strive to build the rule of law government, rule of law, the rule of law, social trinity of rule of law construction pilot areas. Promote china-singapore cooperation pilot social governance, strengthen party committee leadership, government's leading role, encourage and support social participation in all aspects, constructing and perfecting the legal system, standard and orderly, classification guidance and supervision of powerful social organization management system, realize the government governance and social self-regulation, residents autonomy benign interaction. Sound and appropriate to the level of economic development and social welfare, social security system of public health, such as compulsory education public service system. We will deepen reform of the cultural system and to practice the socialist core values, to promote cultural inheritance and innovation, build the modern system of public cultural services, promote cultural soft power. At all levels to promote modernization of social governance, improve the comprehensive service management platform, promote the Internet information resources, sharing and synchronization. Accelerate the construction of social security prevention and control system, improve the dynamic, ability to manage social order under the condition of informatization situation.