Beijing Jan. 6 (xinhua) "decision" stressing the need to "accelerate the construction of free trade zone", "form a high standard for global free trade area network", this is the real way to expand the opening to the outside world, open is an important way to promote the reform, we must fully understand the urgency of the construction to speed up the free trade area.
To keep up with the new situation of rapid development of global free trade area must speed up the construction of free trade zone. First, global free trade agreement number. At present, the world trade organization (wto) besides Mongolia in 159 members are involved in one or more of the regional trade arrangements. As of July 2013, reported to the world trade organization (wto) and still effective regional trade arrangements for a total of 249, belong to the free trade agreement has 218, accounts for the proportion of 88%. Second, the world trade growing agglomeration to different regional economic group. According to the U.S. trade representative's office, the United States free trade agreements have been signed and talking about the country as a whole, has become the world's largest economy, accounting for 42% of global gross domestic product (GDP), absorbed 70% of American exports. In 2012, the eu trade proportion is 63%. The intra-regional trade proportion is as high as 55% above. According to the world trade organization (wto) experts estimate that around half of the current global trade in the regional economic group. Third, the characteristics of the rapid development of free trade zone by the power drive is very prominent. In 2012, the United States, the European Union, South Korea, Mexico, fta partners of 20 respectively, 53, 47, 44, these countries and the area with its fta partners into exports accounted for the proportion of its total foreign trade were 40%, 28%, 35% and 28% respectively. , by contrast, the effect with free trade agreements the volume of trade partners, which accounts for 26% of the total amount of China's foreign trade, such as do not include all Taiwanese region, only 12%. The United States, Japan, the European Union also through the development of free trade agreement relationships across continents, in the nation in the world, preempt the sphere of influence. Fourth, the developed countries in a free trade area pushing new international economic and trade rules, conquers the highest position in the future competition and development, reshape the global rules of trade and investment system. Because the free trade area has trade creation and trade diversion effect, will generate who attend who benefits and who do not participate in marginalized as a result, therefore, the global wave of free trade zone development is profoundly affected the world political and economic pattern, to speed up the construction of a free trade area in our country situation is very urgent.
Enhance China's deepening reform and opening up the power, also need to accelerate the construction of free trade zone. First, to promote the further development of China's reform and opening up. Compared with the open multilateral trading system, the free trade area of the open optional object, the characteristics of process control. Therefore, free trade zone and opening up is a kind of to local with overall open, safe and efficient. By speeding up free trade area construction, in areas such as trade in goods, trade in services, investment, increasing liberalization of standards, can be reversed transmission we break institutional barriers, competition to stimulate the healthy development of industry. Second, broaden economic development space. Choose free trade area and development in the country, on the basis of mutual benefit to each other to open up markets, can better carry on international industry transfer, promote enterprises to speed up the pace of going out. Third, to secure strategic resource supply. Since 2012, our country the GCC imports accounted for 35% of China's imports of crude oil; Imports from Australia iron ore accounted for 47% of China's imports; From South Africa importing chrome ore accounted for 48% of China's imports. With these resource-rich countries to build a free trade area, can set up multiple stable overseas supply of important resources. Fourth, improve the international environment, especially the surrounding environment. Establish free trade area, market appeal and economic radiation in our country can be transferred to the international influence, to create better external environment for China's peaceful development.